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On the way to Champions League

Currently, GINSTR is winning more gold medals to Stuttgart than the former 5 times German football champions, VfB Stuttgart. The football team is currently part of Germany’s 2. Bundesliga, however with GINSTR’s sponsorship of the club – then everyone in Stuttgart hoping that some of GINSTR’s gold dust soon will come off on VfB, so the team hopefully soon can play in the 1. Bundlesliga again, as well as GINSTR that definitely playing in the absolute top gin-liga.

GINSTR has only been on the market since December 2016, but the incredibly tasty gin is due to amazing marketing and hard work already a great story of success, that deserve to be a ‘must-have’ item in all gin lovers private collection. The gin has a fresh and fruity taste palette, with a lovely touch of citrus.
The botanicals originate from Stuttgart and the region mostly. The juniper berries is grown at GINSTR’s own vineyards in Remstal, and the citrus fruits and rosemary from nurseries around Stuttgart. The water that is used for GINSTR is mineral water from Cannstatt. The classic gin botanicals cardamom and corriander add some spiciness to the fruity notes from the lime leaves, orange and hibiscus blossoms and pomegranate pits. Altogether, 46 handpicked botanicals find their way into this gin from Stuttgart.

We have used the open transfer window to boost GINSTR into a international GT-setup, consequently we have mixed the gin up with a solid Danish club soda, an ‘elegantie’ of stylish Swedish tonic syrup from Swedish Tonic and some Spanish lemon shreds on the top. The agave sweetened syrup suits the GINSTR excactly as VfB Stuttgart suits 1. Bundesliga. The cocktail, mixed on the midfield using our professional gear from, was absolutely Champions League worthy.

Thanks. It was a pleasure to see you GINSTR guys ‘play’ at the Bohnenviertelfest in Stuttgart, but next time we would love to see a practice session at your home field.

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