Pieces of Magic

The composition of a gin resemble pictures in a rough mosaic; they are ineffective from close up, and have to be viewed from a distance if they are to seem beautiful.
Pieces of magic, commitment, botanicals and visions….Glued together with workmanship and science. When the Master Distiller after a lot of frustrations suddenly finds the magic parts, that can form the beautiful mosaic of sensory inputs, then it’s artwork – gin art.

The MOSAIK Dry Gin delights with its attention to detail from the design to the taste. The gin combines fresh mint and exotic lemongrass with sparkling blood orange and spicy clove. The combination of form and color is an analogy to the combination of smell and taste of the botanicals. Each mosaic part represents one ingredient in this MOSAIK. The artwork arises only in the perfect interaction of the elements.

Absolutely a pleasant gin acquaintance from our just finalized European Summer Gin Tour. Thanks Tim for the taste and not at least the story about this beautiful Mosaik at the Bohnenviertelfest in Stuttgart.