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Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin

Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin is produced at Avadis Distillery in Bilzingen, located in the border triangle of France-Luxembourg-Germany. The recipe of the Riesling-infused Quince Gin is an homage to the fruitful landscape of the Saar-Region.

The key botanical of the gin is the fresh Muscat quinces, a rare Pear Quince strain, growing behind the distillery. The quince is not a traditional Gin botanical. Nevertheless it can give the final distillate a pleasant bitter fruitiness. Definitely, a botanical that must have encouraged Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar to take a walk down the innovative lane of his creative dexterity to create this powerful and respectful alternative to the classic sloe gin.
The result is a sweet gin liqueur, but still with characteristic gin notes- which make it ideal for a sweet summerish Gin & Tonic. However, we prefer to enjoy it neat over some ice.
From our point of view, it was love at first taste, we indeed like the innovativeness and sweet and fruity taste of the Ferdinands Quince Gin, and can warmly recommend it to every gin enthusiast who appreciates the allure of something ‘ginial’.

Normally, we´re GIN fans, so thank you very much Andreas Vallendar for breaking down our skeptical by serving this charming Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin to satisfy our sweet teeth, and not at least open this side of the giniverse for us.