Distillery Gin

Deep inside the Luxembourgian forest

Deep inside the Luxembourgian forest you perhaps can find an amazing Gincave. The Gincave is the secret headquarters of Opyos, consisting of a series of subterranean rooms beneath the residence of ……….

No, this is not a new chapter about Gin City, and the feared scoundrel; BadTonic – but it’s actual our route description to the cave/basement, that Opyos Beverages use as clubhouse for their gin project. This summer, we’ve had the pleasure to meet a couple of the guys behind Opyos Dry Gin in their amazing gincave close to the German border.
Opyos is actually a fantastic story about entrepreneurship, and an amazing talent for distilling. Their spirit adventure started with access to a lot of apples and the Gincave. The apples were quickly shelved in favor of 8 other local elements (e.g. Rosehip, Blackberry, Elderberry & -flowers, Pine seedling), that were intermixed with 18 classic gin botanicals – and hereby the Luxembourg Opyos Dry Gin was born. 
Opyos Dry Gin Gin is a truly handmade, high quality Dry Gin. The fragrance is pleasant fruity, but still with a superb ginish aroma. A mix of berry and floral notes are the first appearances that emerge in your mouth, followed by a nice classic gin expression – but still elegant controlled by the the sweetness from the berries and the local honey.

We love your fruity tribute to your heritage of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, but hurry up bottling your navy strength edition – from our point of view it was phenomenal, so we can’t wait until you launch that ‘Opyos ship’ fully loaded with a gunpowder proof shipment (sorry bad metaphor for a gin from a country without any coastline) . Thanks Frank for the hospitality, wishing you guys all the best on your future endeavors.