Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Welcome – you Ecuadorian Legend…….

The coming period Kjær Company will introduce the multi award-winning CRESPO LONDON DRY GIN to Danish marked. We had the pleasure to meet this South-American masterpiece of a gin in the spring, and due to the classic London Dry expression with a lot of Latino temper, it has since been one of our absolute favourite gin from our private collection -so the accessibility of CRESPO in our local gin store is very convenient.
The gin is constructed around sugar cane neutral ethanol and spring water from Andes. The ingredient list including beside all the classic botanicals dill, which gives the gin a reference to the classic Nordic aquavit traditions, that properly will be a well-deserved short-cut to the Danes gin heart. The Crespo gin has a distinct citrus kick to it, but ultimately perfect to the Danish marked with the sheer volume of smoothness to devour.

So please help us welcoming this beautiful constructed and tasteful gin from Crespo to Denmark. We wishing you the best of luck, and may you be winner of the Danes gin hearts………..

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