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This week we’ve had the pleasure to meet the guys behind OriGinCPH to be test pilots on their new concept; ‘My Own OriGinCPH’. Not sure concept-name is completely fixed, and after seeing us in action, then we’re sure ‘Gin:mikaze’ could be the perfect name for the concept.
Preliminary, because our first attempt of creating our own gin was a suicide attack of the gin category. I could definitely see the headline of my own review; ‘GinCanDo in a Fatal Gin Crash’. However, after some test failures, then we slowly found the way to balance our favourite flavours in the gin. Subjectively, we finally (without any doubt) could meet the OriGinal meaning of Kamikaze; ‘Divine Wind’ or in this case more appropriate ‘Spirit Wind’.

The distillery’s new concept of making your own gin is based on the model, that OriGinCPH actually using in their own manufacturing process. Each botanical is separately distilled. Each distillate is following mixed together in the correct quantity in the final recipe.
Before you find your own perfect OriGinCPH recipe, then you’ve to create some miniature test samples using a laboratory pipette to dose the exact volume of each botanical, that you want to test. So if you love a gin with juniper power, then you can add some extra juniper distillate- or if you’re convinced, that coriander seeds destroying your gin -then just eliminate it from your own recipe.
When your recipe is perfect, then you just have to up-scale the recipe and create your favourite gin in bottle size – that you can bring home to your own collection. If you’re convince that your own OriGinCPH recipe is perfect, then we’re sure that our friends at @origincph can help you commercialize your recipe and start-up your own gin adventure.

Thanks for using us as Chaos pilots, we definitely had some ginious hours in your GinLab creating ‘Our Own OriGinCPH’. Furthermore, thanks @cocktailpete and @gin.tonic.inspiration for some wonderful cocktail & GT inspiration during the evening.

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