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Cream de la Cream

This Cocky Barrista gin from Trolden Distillery is definitely not a straight forward classic London Dry Gin, but rather an experimental modern gin using the distillery’s own Copperpot Gin as base. The basic gin is macerated with special-selected coffee beans from Jamaica over a period of several months, before the Cocky Barrista gin finally is adjusted for the perfect taste of ‘cof:gin’.

Trolden Distillery is definitely following the old Chinese proverb; ”If you do not experience anything, it is impossible to gain knowledge’. The taste of the gin is exclusive, an interaction between gin and a powerful coffee flavor. An irregular gin requires an irregular choice of mixing, so inspired of a spectacular serving of the gin at last week’s fabulous Gin Galla in Meny Nordhavn – we hereby serving ‘Trolden Gin Cream’. However, we have slightly adapted the original recipe to our gin universe by changing the ratio in favor of the gin dosing, but still using milk and a caramel syrup in the drink.
The result is the lovely ‘Trolden Gin Cream’, where the cooled full-cream milk charmingly encapsulating the dominant coffee note from the Barrista gin. The caramel syrup adding a gorgeous sweetness, that together with the dried orange wheel on the top ensemble the ingredients in a perfect harmony.

•3cl Cocky Barrista Gin
•4cl Cold full-cream milk
•½cl Caramel Syrup
Pour all ingredients in a mixing glass. Stir carefully, and serve the drink in a liquor glass. Add a orange wheel on the top as garnish.

The Cocky Barrista gin has the potential to be a luxurious cocktail gin, that both adding gin and not at least the coffee note to the cocktail. Today served in a lovely alternative to a traditional cream liquor. Please visit Kewin and his impressive gin collection at Meny in Nordhavn , if you want to test this unforgettable Cocky Barrista gin.

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