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La Dolce Vita

From pasta to pizza via mozzarella, prosciutto and tiramisu, it’s hard to beat Italy when it comes to gastronomy, wine and hospitality. You may have the universe, if we may have Italy. We’re unquestionably agreed with the Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, if it including the Italian gins as well.

This week we’ve had the pleasure to taste some Italian gins at Bar Convent Berlin, and we simply have to add gin to that culinary portfolio of consumable goodies from Italy. No doubt that we always have been lovers of the classic citrus or Mediterranean gin style that you easily find on the shelves of Italian Gins – but this week we have tasted some other interesting gin directions from the Italian catalog.
Our suggestion to get a taste of la Dolce Vita of Italian gins must be Roach Gin, that has a strong herbaceous aroma from especially the infused hops from New Zealand. The hops is the common thread to rest of the product line of Roach Brewery, that is the revolutionary beer factory behind this gin. The handcrafted gin has beside the strong notes from the hops, a lovely scent of citrus and juniper in its floral and herbaceous profile.

The herbaceous gin is excellent neat over some ice, due to its very unique and powerful expression. However, together with Amaro Roach and some sparkling apple juice, then we have found our la Dolce Vita as a perfect alternative to the presently very hyped Negroni cocktail. Thanks Gianluca and rest af the Roach Brewery team for the taste, hopefully later we can meet again for at taste of rest of your tremendous beer and spirit catalog.

•3cl Roach Gin from Roach Brewery 
•3cl Amaro Roach from Roach Brewery 
•6cl Sparkling Apple juice from Frydenlund Slot 
Pour all ingredients in a mixing glass. Stir carefully, and serve the drink in a gin glass. Add a orange wheel on the top as garnish.

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