Friends of the House Gin

Peace and gin love

Today, we’ve mixed a cocktail of sustainability, love and gin- and the most beautiful and sympatric outcome of that cocktail was the amazing gin from Vinhuset Kvist & Vitus. ‘Den eneste 2016’ (UK: The Only 2016) is manufactured in respect of Mother Earth, and her interaction with the microorganisms, the insects, the birds, the animals, the plants ……… A ‘place’ that Kvist & Vitus currently borrow to create their unique gin, which in a very short time has achieved cult status in our bar cabinet.

‘Den eneste 2016’ is distilled on apple ‘pulp’ alcohol (from the 2016 apple harvest), juniper, lemon grass, fennel flowers, blackcurrant and pineapple sage, Mexican tarragon, Moroccan mint, apple mint, celery, Swiss mint, eau de Cologne mint, angelica and lemon verbena.
The amount of botanicals and varieties reflects the season. That means, that the gin is a vintage and the taste is different from one year to another. Since, the gin is unfiltered, then the high-concentrated amount of essential oils give the gin a stunning cloudy look, when adding the ice and/or the cold tonic.

With respect to the hard work of Mother Earth and Vinhuset Kvist & Vitus, then we today have decided to enjoy the gin neat over some ice, with a symbolic blackcurrant garnishing of the rimiest drink. Herby, we have the possibility to enjoy all the unique tasting notes, that’s hidden in this ‘on-of-a-kind’ gin.

No pesticides, no fertilizer, no bullshit! Just the pure gin with a little bit of biodynamic hippie love. Peace and love from all of us, to all of you. Thanks Vinhuset Kvist & Vitus for sharing your gin-love.