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The Plant Hunter

Today, we’ll take a look at William Kerr’s Borders Gin. The gin is handcrafted from barley to bottle by The Borders Distillery located in the scenic Scottish Borders council area. William Kerr was a Scottish gardener and plant hunter, that in 19th century was one of the leading plant collectors of the British Empire. As a native of the same hometown as the distillery, then this gin is a hymn of Kerr’s courage and sense of adventure, that have giving us gin enthusiasts botanicals to our gins.

The vast majority of distillery’s spirit is filled in oak casks for maturation until it develops into the finest Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Luckily, the distiller hold some of the spirit back to charge the unique Carter Head Still. The gentle steaming from this special copper kettle captures the tiny aromas and complex flavors of the juniper, hogweed, wetlands myrtle, and other more classic gin botanicals. The gin has a explicit gin expression with outstanding intensity and flavor profile, however still with a clear reference to the whiskey from the malted barley. The gin containing obvious notes from the orange peel and licorice root, that easily breach a thick curtain of taste-intensity. Furthermore, we find an interesting unknown herbal note, which properly is coming from the hogweed, that we never have tasted before.

To breed the tasty orange note from the gin, then we have chosen to match the gin up with a Bergamot tonic from Gemellii . Beside the citrus notes, then this tonic in the spirit of William Kerr adds a lot of exoticism to our GT from the organic Mexican agave.

Thanks Mac Y Danmark and The Borders Distillery for serving of the William Kerr tribute, that definitely will have been a gin according to his botany heart. Hopefully, we soon will pass your distillery, so we can tribute both William Kerr and your characteristic gin in the authentic location of Hawick.

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