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Snake Charmer

Exactly as a snake charmer, we today bringing a basket full of danger, that can be deadly if not handled with the biggest precaution. However, we haven’t ripped out the fangs or the venom glands, or even sewed the mouth shut for protecting us self. We love living on the edge, when felling the creature’s strength and muscle power while looking directly into its eyes.

We do not have a cobra in our basket, but the venomous ginebra called Canaïma, that just waiting to dance with our ‘pungi’. Our Canaïma gin is born in the depths of the Amazon.
The gin is produced at DUSA’s distillery in Venezuela, which properly is more well-known for its internationally renowned Diplomático rums. We absolutely feeling in safe ‘spirits’, when enjoying this unique blend between traditional gin botanicals and fascinating Amazonian fruits, that properly not even have an official English designations. When sipping this gin neat, then you right away can sense decades of distilling experience of the people behind this gin-creature, even though your taste buds are met by different notes than you normally can find in gin from our part of the world.
Merey, açaí, uva de palma, túpiro, seje, copoazú, ponsigué and semeruco are some of the 3000 fruits from in the rainforest, that have found their way to this modern gin as well as 8 other traditional gin botanicals.

We’ve chosen to highlight the grape and passion fruit from the botanical list by our choice of mixer and garnish; Pink Grapefruit Soda from Three Cents and some of the juicy edible center of passion fruit on the top. The result is a fruity and amazingly aromatic cocktail, with a lovely twist directly from the Amazonian fruit basket.

Highly recommended for those of you who want to try something new and different. Thanks Sprit & Co for being our tour guide on our first trip to Amazon, tasting this fantastic  Canaïma gin.

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