Friends of the House Gin Review


For at couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure to taste the Red Berry gin by Dreyberg. Consequently, we had very high expectation when opening this London Dry Gin – also by the ‘hands’ of Dreyberg. If you just have a minimal interest for gin, then you for sure will agree that you must be in very good hand when drinking this gin, since it’s distilled by the same master distiller as the high end brand; ‘Ferdinand’s’.

Despite the relative high ABV% of 44,7%, then the gin still has a smooth and well-balanced taste profile with a pleasant citrusness behind the enormous juniper power. It’s distilled using following botanicals; juniper, lemon, grapefruit, coriander, angelica, cardamom and liquorice. The taste experience is finalized by an interesting and insisting spicy perforation of your taste buds from cubeb pepper, which makes us curios for more …………..

Exactly as its sweety ‘GINger’ sister, then this more classic London dry gin is perfect for mixing, due to its forcible mascuGINity. We’re suggesting to fulfill the meaning of Christmas, and gather the family in a reunion by inviting the lively uncle- Doctor Polidori to the Christmas GT-party. The botanical infused dry tonic is aromatized with the finest herbal essences, including notes of cubeb pepper and juniper, as well as crisp hints of lemons that excellent highlights the three key elements of gin.

Thanks @tellofrikadello and Dreyberg for the family party invitation. It totally rocked. Looking forward to many more such parties!

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