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Monkey Class to Heaven

Today our Christmas Holliday is starting with this wonderful Monkey class journey in seat 47 & 47+1, with this year’s outstanding Distillers Cut from Monkey 47 served in our glasses. If this is Monkey class, then we don’t have any problems by sitting in this part of the plane, since this gin is the ticket directly to the Gin Heaven.

This is NOT a manufactured collectable – this gin simply deserves to be enjoyed in our glasses, and the value of pleasure and joy, when drinking this gin will unquestionably by far exceed a potentially profitable revenue by saving the bottle in the back of our bar cabinets. The Master Distiller of Monkey 47 has bestowed an honorary gin upon us gin-lovers, so please justify the hard work by pouring it into your glasses – everything else will be first-degree Monkey Business.

This year’s ‘species rare’ is mace (Myristicae arillus) from the nutmeg tree, that attaches a very piquant and graceful note to the classic Monkey-style, which gives this gin a very solid fundament in this Monkey survey of giving the world an unique gin experience. Distiller’s Cut 2019 has from the very first sip been located in the absolute top-category of our favorite gins, so we’re already looking forward to taste the result of DC 2020 – when the master distiller at Black Forest Distillery is done Monkeying around.

Thanks Pernod Ricard Denmark and for offering us a ticket to the Monkey Land Express, don’t hesitate to forward another invitation- we just love your type of Monkey Class.

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