Friends of the House Gin Review

Postcard from Portofino

Our vigilant Instagram followers, of course have seen that we during December have had a Christmas Giveaway- where the prize was this picturesque bottle from Portofino. But what about the gin inside that beautiful bottle, can it live up to the first-class appearance, or will it just be a ‘fare la bella figura’ trophy in the winner’s home bar.

The Portofino gin is completely fulfilling the Italian ancestors, it doesn’t just looking good, but it actually taste like the scenic Riviera di Lavante (‘the coast of the rising sun’) as well. If you already have visited the Italian Riviera by yourself, then stop reading and just close your eyes; recall when sitting in an old fishing village enjoying the sea breeze and the warmth from the sun, flanked by the shadow giving architecture of tidy row of multi-colored buildings at your spot on the small main piazza next to the small U-shaped port. Subsequently, breathe in and taste the inhaled imaginary air, then you’ve the taste of the Portofino Dry Gin.
The taste captures the essence of Italian Riviera by its elegant citrusness and subtle spicy aromas, stylish accomplish by floral notes the Italian way. The gin is handmade with 21 carefully sourced botanicals, including lemon, lavender, rosemary, iris, marjoram, sage, that as far as possible are handpicked on the hills behind the city.

To please the Italian standard, we have chosen an Italian Indian tonic from GEMELLii Drinks, which as company has the mantra; ‘It doesn’t only have to taste good, appearance is also key!’ Hereby, we’re definitely sure that our GT reflects the Italian way of life. ‘La dolce vita’ & ‘Fare la bella figura’ so to say – enjoy life & make a good impression. Cheers!

Since this gin on all levels absolutely will be ‘fare la bella figura’ in our collection, then our warmest recommendation to find this delicious bottle of a gin. Herby, you definitely will beautify your private gin collection with this postcard of a gin from Portofino Gin. 

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