Friends of the House Gin

50 Shades of Cherries

Our afternoon cocktail does with us, what spring does with cherry trees. It pleasures our taste buds, exactly as millions of eyes are pleasured every spring when the Japanese ‘sakura’ -cherry blossoms – color the landscape fuchsia pink and delicate white as the blossoms burst forth from their buds.

Complex shades of ‘fuchsia pink and delicate white’ are pampering us in this unique cherry gin liqueur by Jim & Tony. Local cherries and the Jim & Tony’s classic gin form the base of the liqueur, which is made exclusively with natural ingredients and in a handmade small batch process.
Great for chocolate and coffee or as a mixer for exciting drinks. Enjoy it as it is or ice cold.

‘Those that eat cherries with great persons shall have their eyes squirted out with the stones’ – even though Jim & Tony definitely are great, then don’t worry, no risk of squirted stones when consuming cherries in this form.

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