Friends of the House Gin

man’s best friend

The faithful friend –
why should I strive to speak its merits,
while it live in every breast, and man’s best friend.
Does often close to his hand attend.

This properly how the owner of Kalle poetic verbalizes about him, but in this case it can actually also have a figuratively meaning for those of us that are so privilege to have today’s gin in our gin collections. Kalle is actually beside being a gin- a charming dog from the Northern part of Germany, that has given the name to the gin, and has been portrayed in his maritime outfit on the label as a tribute to the coastline that surrounds his hometown; Wismar.

Kalle’s gin has a sturdy and trustworthy appearance in its medicine bottle, when Kalle is looking directly into to your eyes with his doleful look from the label. The gin has graceful yellowish color from the use of orange peel, that also leaves a lucid ‘paw-print’ of a ‘sweet-orange-bitterness’ in the dog bowl. Despite the peaceful look, then Kalle’s gin has a powerful and surprisingly ‘after-bite’ of something spiciness when enjoyed neat, that definitely awake your curiosity for another sip from Kalle’s gin bowl.
We’ve chosen a tonic with the same temper as Kalle for our GT by using the Bergamotto Fancy Tonic from the Imperdibile line. This Italian tonic adding an extra delightful bitterness and freshness from the Bergamot fruit to the GT-drink. Garnish with dried orange wheels, and served with some delicious marzipan potatoes.

If you’re lucky……a ‘dog’ will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything. Thanks to the team behind Kalle’s Gin for stealing our hearts when ‘walking-the-gin’ this afternoon.