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Bless Me – I haven’t Ginned

Today we’ve the chance to enlarge our spirit vocabulary with this ……… Spirit of a Nation. Distilled in Melbourne, Vantage Australia Spirit of a Nation is not classified as a vodka, rum or gin, but as a botanical infused white spirit, that according to the Master distillers plan hopefully over time will be established as a genuine Australian sprit.

. Due to it’s obvious similarity to our beloved gin category, then we were very easy to convince to give this spirit a try. Vantage has a light and fresh palate of complex nuances with a clear citrus track, that graceful lead the spirit into the direction of the Mediterranean (gin) style. Discover the crisp flavors and fresh citrus aromas of this unique spirit neat over ice. The Vantage has a pleasantly sweetness, that gives it enormous potential as a cocktail wingman together with a classic dry gin as well. @vantageaustralia using local bush botanicals, such as fresh lemon myrtle, sweet mandarin oil and tingling Tasmanian mountain pepperberries.

. We’ve worshipped the Mediterranean style. The Vantage is served over ice with an equally amount of fresh lemonade topped with soda. Simplicity is in this case the absolutely state of the perfect cocktail.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned, but this time not with gin, and I’m actually ready to do it again. ‘Sometimes the grass is almost as green on the other side’, thanks Bill for sharing your Spirit of a Nation, and hereby enriching our gin universe.

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