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What does pink taste like?

What does pink taste like?

I don’t know why – I suppose some roses are pink, even though they don’t have to be, but the first thoughts coming into my mind is a ultra sweet feathery candy floss with ‘rose-a-like’ perfumed taste. However, if the pink color and the glamorous bottle with pleasure direct your gaze in the direction of a feminine syrup of a liquorish gin, then keep on looking since this gin is definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The gin’s stunning exterior is contrary to its real character with whom contact is astonishingly authoritarian and ginful.

Classiness doesn’t deny – the Mirabeau Rosé Gin has a luxurious Saint Tropez texture from the added rosé wine. However, with a wonderful Mediterranean herbaceous appearance from bay, thyme, rosemary, coriander and the lemons followed by graceful floral tones from rose petals, lavender and jasmine, that after all adding a ‘pink touch’ to the gin.

The 100% grape-based neutral spirit and the various components bring a softness and subtle fruitiness to this Classic Dry gin, making this gin perfect to be sipped alone. Syndrome Velvet Indian Tonic is a sophisticated, well-balanced Mediterranean style tonic that is the perfect partner for Mirabeau Rosé Gin in today’s GT. The tonic containing bitter orange, thyme, and quinine. The tonic has a gently bitterness, with strong carbonization for a lasting tingling sensation in our GT cocktail.

Thanks, you guys definitely know how to find some interesting rosé gins that both matching your Rosé-universe as well as being real gins. Looking forward see and taste your next pink gin finding, that hopefully can match this rosé gin from Mirabeau.