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Black Clouds on the Sky

Today, GinCanDo supporting local Danish gin brands.

Hopefully soon, clouds come floating into our lives from other days no longer to shed illness and death over our wonderful world – but instead giving colors to our sunset sky. Distilleries around the world have switched from producing gin to disinfectants after medical authorities sought additional supplies to cope with corona virus spreading in their countries – so please remember to stay home and use hand alcohol sanitizer to avoid to catching this devil of a virus, that currently has set our lives standby.

Despite a comprehensive research, then we haven’t succeed to find a Medical research study that saying it doesn’t help to rinse yourself internally with gin, so why take the chance. Even though, the clouds on the sky currently are very black, then remember to live your life and drink you afternoon GT with pleasure – and perhaps serving yourself an extra just to be careful.

In these days, it’s also very important to support your local distilleries and gin brands – so we ‘on the other side’ still can enjoy the color on the sunset sky with our favorite local gin in the glass. Today’s post is our symbolic tribute to all the wonderful Danish gins from our collection – please support your local distilleries as well, so ‘our’ ongoing gin bubble doesn’t burst ………

Danish Gins on the Photo:

  • Woodhill Navy Strength Gin
  • OriGinCPH
  • Radius Distillery
  • Nordisk gin – Polar Bear
  • Syv Sind Gin
  • Kvist & Vitus Gin
  • Kongsgaard Raw Gin
  • Anholt Gin
  • Trolden Bryghus & Distilleri
  • ASk Nordlig gin
  • Il Mio Gin
  • Schackenborg gin
  • København Klassisk Gin – Nordic Gin House
  • Copenhagen Distillery
  • Skagen Gin of the North
  • Plateau Gin
  • Højer Gin
  • Nord Gin Distillery
  • Sønderborg Distillery
  • SiWu Gin
  • Jim & Tony Gin
  • Circus Gin
  • Struense Gin
  • Cornflower Dry Gin

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