Distillery Friends of the House Gin Review

El Alambique Artisanal Gin

If Muhammad can’t go to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Muhammad……in this period where we should avoid exploring the world and stay at home, then luckily our friends from @kjaercompany with today’s gin have ensured -that we still can explore the adorable mountains of Andalusia from the veranda in our own garden.

El Alambique Artisanal Gin from @ginrives is like wandering around in a Mandarin grove, where the sturdy manderin note throws you directly into an imaginary GT rest under a shady tree. However, with an Original El Alambique Artisanal GT in the hand, then this imaginary GT break in the Mandarin grove will relieve all travelling abstinences – you may possess.

This limited edition is typically Spanish with an excellent impression of Juniper and Citrus, however the Mandarin note is the absolutely main tour guide of the day. Coriander, Angelica Root, Cassia, Liquorices, Orris Root and Lemon Peel are also participating in this imaginary walk in the mandarin grove, that is a gigantic tribute march to Don Augusto, who in 1880 founded the Rives company with a copper alembic still, which is still in use – of which this unique bottle is a replica.

Thanks Kjær Company for this wonderful invitation to a walk in these amazing Andalusian mountains, which has been a perfect treatment when suffering of NeoGintal Abstinence Syndrome. Hopefully a day soon, we together can take this walk again in the real mountains for a personal tribute toast to five generations of distillers of the Romero-Haupold family, which have created the groundwork of this lovely gin.

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