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Twelve Keys to an elixir of life

Twelve Keys Gin takes inspiration from the notorious works of Basil Valentine of 1599, hence the title/name coincidence. The scientists of that time used each of the twelve keys in this book as allegorical description to create the elixir of life. Perhaps today’s scientists also should take a look into this book to find some inspiration to a cure for the corona virus – with other words literally find a modern ‘elixir of life’.

The symbolic name is used to indicate the critical ingredients are changed with each step, just as the ingredients themselves are transformed during the processing. As a metaphor, Twelve Keys Gin uses twelve botanicals; Juniper, Cinnamon, Orris, Angelica, Frankincense, Caraway seeds, Gentian root, Honey, Basil, Apricots, Quince and Figs, to reflect each of the twelve keys from Basil Valentine’s book. 

Twelve Keys Gin is an extremely tasty and drinkable gin, where nothing is left to chance – every little detail has elegant reference to the alchemical period. Despite the use of a mix with twelve interesting but unique botanicals, then the gin is very well-balanced between the juniper and the fruity notes.

We’re definitely enjoying the sun, and today’s twelve keys of a mentally escape from our corona isolation – dreaming about BCB 2020 where we hopefully have the chance to meet you and not at least your amazing keyring with all twelve keys again.

We’re sure that Basil Valentine would have loved your version of an elixir of life.

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