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White Rain

The weather in Denmark has performed an extraordinary about-turn this year as it has flipped from a rainy and floody winter to a really drought spring. This night our garden was watered by the rain for the very first time for almost a month. We can’t find at better way to greet the rain than create this mouth-watering cocktail using some White Rain from Buss’ garden of gins. Our gin garden has certainly been olericultured by this gorgeous White Rain from wide-ranging Buss N° 509 author collection.

Buss N° 509 White Rain is a gin for genuine gin adepts -with its powerfulness concerning both the ABV% and taste experience. The relative high ABV% of 50 interact excellent with the complex and twisted – but still classic flavour profile of the gin. Definitely an intense gin with a clear note from the used marjoram. The White Rain gin is as expected very harmonious together with an Indian tonic, but since it’s Saturday then it unquestionably calls for The White Rain cocktail.

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How nice it’s to enjoy the rain without getting wet – thanks SAJ Vine for sending a rain cloud over our neighborhood – looking forward to the next rain dance together with you guys.

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