Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Buss line N° 509

After a splendid start – we’re continuing our ride with Buss line N° 509, which this time heading a very exclusive stop in this incredible community of gin. Rebel cut is from the Choice Cut Collection from Buss N° 509, that strongly focuses on what professional mixologists expect from a high-quality gin, allowing them to cover a broad playing field when creating mixes and cocktails.

Rebel Cut offers you a floral gin with lovely notes from lavender and white jasmine , but it still cuts like a knife by the playful use of tingling white pepper and the relative high ABV of 47% – it feels so right.
The feminine notes from the flowers and the masculinity from the white pepper and high ABV are excellent tied together by a cornucopia of well-used botanicals, such as orange, lemon, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, liquorice, angelica, orris root and vanilla.

Exactly as the main idea of this gin, this gin will provoke you to bring out your forgotten bartender side, then give you new insights when you go there – so you contently discover other possibilities of this gin that you need to test out. We’ve today decided to highlight the citrus notes by a simple serving of the Rebel Cut by just adding a dash of the unmissable Gazzosa soda from Imperdibile. The result is a very fresh cocktail with an elegant citrus fragrance, that garnished with some lavender on the top looks anything else than a rebel.

Thanks SAJ Vine for the ticket to this amazing ride with Buss N° 509. It has been a great pleasure riding some of the stops on your Buss N° 509 line, and we’ll definitely look forward to a revisit of these stops.