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Rosella’s Dream

Kianda is one of the most popular spirits in Angolan mythology. Kianda is a goddess of the sea and water in the figure of a beautiful mermaid with supernatural powers. Each bottle of Kianda Roselle Gin has its own Kianda, who charmingly supervises you from the label of the bottle. Legend has it – that Kianda may grant a wish if you’re worthy, so we’ll definitely show her the respect she deserves.

Rosella is very graceful and floral in its appearance, hence naturally named after the West African Roselle hibiscus plant. Hibiscus petals immersed in the spirit after distilling giving Rosella its delicate pink hue.
Exactly as the color indicating the gin is elegant and silky-smooth with a luscious sensual undertone, which makes it eminent in a summerish GT on the veranda garnished with some sweet strawberries from the garden. However, it will also work alluring as the lead in a cocktail with all its tasty and not at least seductive African botanicals, such as jasmine, baobab and calabash nutmeg. Rosella loves all kind of red berries, so just for her well-being then we have been offering a paste full of rasp- and strawberries for a wonderful Kianda Rosella cocktail; Rosella’s Dream.

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Dear Kianda, hopefully we were been respectful enough to your lovely gin – actually we feel that you already have over-granted us with divine gifts in the form of your supernatural gin powers. Thank you Hugo Santos and Kianda Distillery for your generosity .

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