Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Shining bright like a diamond

Just outside Luanda – the capital and largest city in Angola, we’ve found today’s gin. In the shadow of a Baobab tree, we’ve admired this Kianda Luanda Dry Gin that lovely is glinting from the bark -and in this case it’s actually true that the Baobab cast its shade upon all ……..even upon gin.

Instead of ‘copy-distilling’ a classic ‘European style’ gin from Africa, then the people behind the Kianda Distillery have prioritized to add interesting notes from the fascinating catalog of African botanicals to impersonate the gin with an unmistakable character of a modern, exotic and sensual Angola.
In this way the bark and the mukua fruit from the Baobab tree has found its way to Kianda’s gin universe of exciting flavors, alongside with rooibos, caxinde, and nutmeg calabash.

Exactly as the original intension with the gin, then it has a very non-European expression. It definitely guides you in a very unique and extreme tasteful and floral direction – the Angolan way. Therefore, we’ve chosen to enjoyed all these new and innovative gin expressions without any tonic disturbances. When sipping this gin neat you can almost hear Timon and Pumpaa untroubled singing ‘Hakuna Matata’ from the in Parque Nacional do Quicama just round the corner.

If this is the standard of Angolan gin, then the diamonds from mining industry of Angola shortly will be over-shined as the leading export goods from the country. Thanks Hugo Santos and Kianda Distillery for the invitation to admire your gleaming diamond of a gin, no more polishing is necessary for your guys it’s already shining bright like a diamond.