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The Real Deal

When talking about Navy Strength gin, then Plymouth Gin Navy Strength must be the REAL deal.

Besides being the brand that in 1997 commercialized the ‘Navy Strength’ term when launching this gin, then no Royal Navy ships for centuries left port without barrels of Plymouth gin.
Prior to 1816, there was no accurate way to measure the strength of a spirit – however it was known that gin-soaking gun power still was explosive – if the gin fulfilled the British Royal Navy’s ‘proof’ test. Beside avoiding military incapacity due to wetted powder, then it also gave the sailors the possibility to reveal a villainous ‘dispensers’ if he was diluting the gin. The sharks were definitely waiting, if the barrel-responsible dared himself to dilute the gin before handing-over the daily ration to rest of the crew.

Plymouth Gin Navy Strength is fulfilling the ‘proof’ test with an A+ grade by excellence. Even though no gun powder was available for our testing, then we were blown away by its intensity and power. A gin-novice will properly rather taking a swim among the sharks together with a dispenser that had walked the plank, than drinking this gin neat – but we simply love it.
The brutality from 57,14% ABV mingles gracefully with the pure and classic gin notes like a ship on the sea on a windy summer day. Due to its history and quality, this NAVY STRENGHT gin must be the target point for all master distillers that dare to fire their cannon into to this growing market of this hard-hitting gin category.

This gin is simply too good to be hidden away underneath the deck, so it will unquestionably be positioned in the crow’s nest of our gin ship. Luckily, it’s available in the gingantic treasure chest of Pernod Ricard, so it will always be possible to find a new bottle of this hard-hitting cannon ball of a gin in your local provisioning store when it’s empty. Thanks Pernod Ricard Denmark for letting us pick some gold from your chest.

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