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Gin Scrumping

The Förster Dry gin was served in our tasting glasses with extremely high expectations, since it’s not every day you’ve the possibility to taste a new gin from the hand of young man that literally is growing up in a distillery. When boys of the same age could find joy and pleasure with a stick and a puddle of water, then Luis preferred to chew on the stick or use the water for growing botanicals in his search for new fascinating tasting notes.
In an age of 18 years, he strong-minded decided to craft his own gin using hard work and an unrivaled talent, that had been grown after thousands of hours in his father’s distillery. A couple of years later his fantastic gin was ready to be bottled.

Beside adding a delicious and significant fruitiness to the gin, then the use of an apple mash distillate as basic alcohol is also a lovely tribute to his father’s distillery, that has its origin in German fruit distilling tradition.
In the back catalog we find a lovely spiciness that tickling carefully on the tongue, together with delicate earthy notes collected in the forest by the ‘Förster’ himself. Luis has been very secretive about the botanicals, but we’ll be surprised if the ingredient list not including citrus and rosemary, which mysterious both are dancing hypnotizing on the taste palette, exactly as Lorelei on a foggy day on the Rhine River.

We’ve no problem by stating the obvious. The gin deserves to be enjoyed neat to experience all the nuances hidden in the taste profile………… BUT this gin is amazing with a splash of fresh apple juice, garnish with a twig of rosemary and a lemon wheel. Astonishing, just saying!

Thanks Luis and @foerstergin for the invitation to go gin scrumping in your garden. Looking forward to see your next ‘apple’ in the basket and follow your adventure.

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