Distillery Friends of the House Miscellaneous


Sometimes it’s better not to talk or say, but just act and convey.

Even thought Black Forest Distillers under the brand name Monkey 47 over a decade has distilled some of the best gin in the world, and therefore absolute deserves to be warmly congratulated. But instead of being tucked away on a celebration pedestal, then these guys have chosen to use this event to bring focus on our ‘distant relatives’ from the tropical rainforests around the world.

Currently, 283 monkey species are threatened with extinction, since deforestation and poaching are robbing these primates of their habitat. By launching this campaign and selling empty bottles of gin, then Monkey 47 is supporting a noble cause and sending a great message – It’s sad but true, but some causes are much more important than gin.

For a short time, Monkey47 will be offering six unique bottles of these threatened fellow primates from their monkeykiosk.com, and the profit will be delivered to WWF Deutschland. Hurry up- buy all six bottle to get a complete collection. Beside supporting the threatened monkeys, then it also an unique chance for all us Monkey-loves to expand our collections with something unique, that definitely deserves to be placed on the place of honor to constantly remember us of this cause.

Thanks Pernod Ricard Denmark and not at least Monkey 47 for bringing this course to our attention – that we’ll genuinely support.