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Tillykke Danmark! 🇩🇰

The giveawy is closed!

And the winners are:
Bent B (with Facebook entry)
bbolger73 (with Instagram entry)

Thanks to all of you, that have participated in this giveaway. Remember the Swedish National Day post-celebration giveaway is still open until June 10 -with World’s Best Gin 2020 on the prize table.

The first Danish 🇩🇰 constitution that established Denmark 🇩🇰 as a constitutional monarchy was signed by King Frederik VII on June 5 1849. Where the main part of the other Nordic countries on their national days directly or indirectly celebrating a kind of secession from Denmark 🇩🇰 – then Denmark 🇩🇰 celebrating the birth of democracy on this ‘Grundlovsdag’.

However, democracy is properly not in a modern context the right term to use, since only app. 15% of the population actually was entitled to vote at the commencement date; e.g. servants and women’s suffrage were first enshrined in the 20th century.

As great giveaway prizes for today’s celebrating of Denmark 🇩🇰, we’ve totally 2 bottles of this juniper bomb of a GIN, that is named after our wonderful capital, Copenhagen ( 🇩🇰 København). These wonderful København classic gin bottles are sponsored by Nordic Gin House.

The giveaway will be controlled through Instagram. However due to some temporary technical problems on our Instagram profile, then we give an extraordinary possibility to enter the giveaway from this site. For this inconvenient an entry from this platform will be awarded with super ticket (5 normal tickets). Due to these problem we also have prolonged the giveaway period with an extra days.

This Danish 🇩🇰 giveaway ends on June 9 2020 at 20:00 CET

2 winners will be randomly picked among all valid tickets in the raffle.

Entry is easy:
Give us a comment below – then we’ll transfer your super ticket to the Instagram giveaway.

The prizes are not transferable to cash and are not exchangeable. To enter the giveaway you must be of legal age (18+) of drinking in your country. The gifts will be shipped directly of the sponsor. The giveaway is open to all EU residents.

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