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National Martini Day 2020

Today, it’s National Martini Day 2020, so shake up some gin and vermouth with ice, and take a moment to relax while sipping one of the best-known drinks in the world – start feeling like the international spy of mystery that you properly are.

The perfect bearded gintleman of a gin for this martini celebration has just arrived at our doorstep. The Italian Piero Dry Gin has with its classic expression the perfect profile for a perfect martini cocktail. The gin has a delicious sweetness from the used of oranges, which gives a wonderful contrast to the bitterness of the juniper and the spiciness from some of the other traditional gin botanicals. We’ve chosen to amplify the lovely orange element from the gin in our take of a perfect martini serving by adding some drops of orange bitter and an orange twist on the top.
Since vermouth has its origin in Torino, then we naturally have chosen a ‘authentic vermouth’ from this originated area. The use of Chazalettes & Co’s vermouth makes this version of this famous cocktail a real ‘Martini Puro Italiano’.

See Martini Puro Italiano recipe here

Thank you Piero Dry Gin for celebrating this National Martini Day in our company, however we looking forward to pursue the first positive expression of your gin the coming period in other classic gin combinations. Cheers, and happy National Martini Day!

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