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In the beautiful surroundings of Ellinge Castle in southern Sweden, we find the origin of the gin which today is served in our glasses. The castle dates from the 12th century, and with its whitewashed walls your from distance can see the greatness and purity of the place. Nothing less than the perfect location for a distillery called Purity Distillery.

With a Swedish tradition of vodka production almost as old as the castle, then Purity Distillery succeed to rise like a phoenix out of hard work in the light of the moon from their nest at Ellinge Castle – only fueled with passion and vapors from the distillers pot. Mission completed, and with a deliberate defiance against the fast growing market of flavored vodkas, they succeed to create a multi-award winning old-school vodka that proving that vodka is much more than a colorless, odorless and tasteless spirit.

However, it’s now time for phoenix to fluttering with its wings again. Purity and gin are the two wings with which soars this bird above the earth and the fast growing landscape of gin – and what a wonderful flight on first class.
The heart-base of the gin is 34 times distilled which makes the gin extremely smooth, however still loaded with a fantastic bold flavor. We’ve had the pleasure to taste Purity’s Old Tom Gin, which has an amazing softness from the distilling process but also from the use of water from the Castle’s own spring, rich in minerals and iron. The old tom sweetness from the organic sugar suits brilliant the Nordic lingon- and blueberries and the floral Mediterranean notes from the basil and thyme.

Thanks Julian and Østjysk Vinforsyning for being in the right place at the right time for introducing us to this treasure of a gin – looking longingly forward to taste rest of this Purity-adventure. When our lives are turning back to normal, then we will beyond doubt start our car and cross the Swedish border to visit the picturesque Ellinge Castle and the nest of Purity.

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