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The White Wall

Arriving to the beautiful island of Møn from the Eastern seaside, then you will be met by an enormous 120m high dazzling white walls of a chalk cliffs, that rising from the blue Baltic Sea. If you ever passing Denmark, then make sure to put this amazing natural site on your ‘must-see’ list.
But what has this astonishing natural site to do with gin you may ask- everything, just everything!

What at first probably was just intended as a gimmick to stand out from the growing market of new and innovative gin brands – has since turned out to be a little genius decision that actually also helps gathering rest of the botanicals in the gin, and furthermore giving Isle of Møn Gin the ‘X-factor’ that every master distiller would die for. The people behind Isle of Møn have succeeded to implement -the for the island characteristic chalk stone into their gin. Not just as an symbolic tribute to the island, but also as a gathering element. Just GINius.

Despite the noticeable increment of the production cost, then it has since the beginning been a dogma for Uffe & Sara only to use local ingredients from Møn. So instead of using classic gin botanicals from other parts of the world, then they have found herbs, plants, roots and berries from the wild nature of Møn- that adding the same elements for creating a classic gin. Consequently following unknown (at least for us) botanicals, such as arrow grass, sweet cicely, common tansy and mugwort beside the chalk stone and other more classic gin botanicals have found the way to the ingredient list.

The Isle of Møn gin is fantastic, but as navy lover- then the significantly higher ABV% just adding an extra layer of intensity and robustness to this excellent gin. Thanks Sara for telling us the story of the (chalk) layers of your gin. Even thought, we didn’t found any extra spicing fossils in the distilled chalk stones, then we had a great day at your distillery and Møn. Thanks!

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