Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Sacredfied Yourself

Back in 2012, today’s gin was developed in the living room of the uncrowned king of vacuum distillation; Ian Hart. The principle of the vacuum distillation is to reduce the pressure, which decreases the boiling point of compounds in basic gin liquid. In the the traditional pot still process under atmospheric pressure , then the ethanol will start boiling and herby evaporate from the basic liquid at app. 78°C – by performing the process underneath vacuum then this for the gin-distilling process important temperature will be reduced significantly e.g. to room temperature. This temperature reduction is more gentle to extraction of the tasting notes from the used botanicals, hereby will it give the gin a very fragile and delicate expression.
Instead of using a traditional shining copper pot stills, then Ian’s manufacturing setup is builded-up of bespoken hand-blown glassware why the distillery of Scared Spirits according to some perhaps more looks like a chemist’s laboratory than a classic distillery.

Sacred Pink Grapefruit Gin is a part of a ‘gin series’, that using the same basic botanicals – however with an extraordinary domination of one of the botanicals. Pink Grapefruit is a elegant and well-balanced gin made with whole grapefruits including peel, juice and the pips. The gin is enormous soft and pleasant with a clear ‘gin-note’ from the juniper, that goes well with the summerish fresh- and fruitiness from all the crispy citrus nuances from the pink grapefruit.

Thanks Julian and Østjysk Vinforsyning for sharing this sacred gin with us – it’s definitely a divined to start the weekend with a Sacred gin served in our glasses.