Distillery Friends of the House Gin On Tour

Oslo Håndveksdestilleri

GinCanDo on Summer Tour 2020

We had the pleasure to start this year’s Summer Tour in Oslo by meeting Oslo Håndveksdestilleri in their gincredible HQ both including the distillery and a bar. If you ever passing Oslo, then make sure to plan the visit on a day where the distillery bar is open for ‘drop-by’ visit. It’s absolutely an amazing place with some of the best Norwegian spirits that you can find. Beside their multi-award-winning gin; Vidda Tørr Gin then you also can find an another gin, a bitter, a fantastic vodka and some world-class aquavits in their assortment.

Vidda Tørr Gin is definitely a top-class gin that have the ‘full package’ – a good story, fantastic label design and not at least a premium taste, that almost solely has been created by the Norwegian nature since nearly every used herbs and botanical are found in the Norwegian mountains. During our visit, Oslo Håndverksdestilleri actually received the winning labels from their lasted triumph – the Gin Master 2020 award. This blind-tasting competition explaining it perfectly – based on the taste then Vidda Tørr Gin is one of the absolute best gin in the world, that you currently can serve in your glass.

Thanks, Espen and Oslo Håndverksdestilleri  for opening your door, and use a couple of hours presenting your cornucopia of superb spirits, not at least from our beloved gin category.

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