Distillery Friends of the House Gin On Tour

Oss Craft Distillery

GinCanDo on Summer Tour 2020

In between breathtaking nature experiences in the Norwegian mountains, we also have prioritized some breathtaking gin experiences at some of our favorite Norwegian distilleries. This time we’ve had the pleasure to spend a couple of hours in the company of master distiller Stig Bareksten, and his generous story telling and serving of his out of a league Bareksten gin line. One of the servings was the noteworthy ‘Mørket’ (UK: darkness), that June 21 in 2019 was produced on the occasion of the shortest Norwegian night of 2019 in a very limited edition only for the Norwegian market. We’re still breathless -so hopefully the 2020 edition somehow will find the way to our collection when it’s released to the market later this year.

Bareksten has other interesting news in the pot still for nearly release of both gin and other spirits, so if you like of us are huge fans of Bareksten’s dark spirit universe, then rest of the year seems to be a wild and furious fire work of interesting news on Bareksten’s fascinating dark spirit sky.

Thanks Stig for having us, hopefully we’ll see you soon in Copenhagen launching some of you new interesting project for the Danish market as well.


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