Distillery Friends of the House Gin On Tour

Det Norske Brenneri

GinCanDo on Summer Tour 2020

Third stop on our Summer Tour 2020 was performed in the nest of the lovely creatures called Harahorn. Det Norske Brenneri has made the perfect ginetic engineering of these heroic creatures, that can tell you some amazing stories from the Norwegian mountains. Since our first acquaintance with the original Harahorn gin, then the gin has been mutated into additional tree colorful Harahorn relatives. Our tour guide at the distillery made a proper introduction to the new fable animals from the fantastic gin line, that all has the name from the animal on the label, which has the form as a hare with the horn from a moose. As real fable creatures these new Harahorn members were so alluring, that we forgot all about time and place – and almost missed the ferry back to Denmark.

Det Norske Brenneri has also distilled the gorgeous Oslo gin, that is distributed worldwide by our friends from Nordic Gin House, that had organized the visit for us. Thanks Jakob.
We had a wonderful afternoon together with Fabian at Det Norske Brenneri in Grimstad. Thanks Fabian for prolonging your working day to show us every corner of the distillery – definitely a great experience for us not at least to meet all your small Harahorn creatures.

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