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Sønderborg Distillery

GinCanDo on Summer Tour 2020

You can take the market from the gin, but you can’t take the gin from the market. Even though almost every celebration events related to the Centenary of Denmark’s Reunion with Southern Jutland have been cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic– then we had the pleasure to taste Sønderborg Distillery’s ‘Genforenings Gin’ at our fifth stop on our Summer Tour 2020.

A remarkable limited edition gin for the remarkable non-celebration of this historical reunion which is a very important part of the Danish history. We’ve promised to tell that the 100+1th anniversary will be celebrated with even bigger events and of course gin in 2021. Thank you Carsten for giving us a ‘guided tour’ in the story of both Denmark and Sønderborg Distillery – and the generous tasting of your gins for supporting the dramaturgy of the story telling.

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