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Knut Hansen Gin

GinCanDo on Summer Tour 2020

We had the pleasure to spend some time with the legendary sailor Knut Hansen on his shore leave on our sixth stop of our Summer Tour 2020. Even though, a sailor lives his life on the oceans then he loves every little corner of his own homeport, why Knut Hansen producing his gin anchored in the region around Hamburg. Beside the juniper that he is bringing home from his expeditions on the oceans, then all the botanicals are found in the backyard of Hamburg.

We love everything about Knut Hansen Dry Gin; a lovely story, a masterpiece of a design, a fantastic gin and not at least a very sympathetic team behind the Knut Hansen brand, that will travel to the end of the world to create the success that they deserve.

Knut Hansen is not held up by anyone or anything. He is taking the freedom to see the places he always wanted to visit, and hereby experiences countless adventures on his journey -exactly as the concept behind our Summer Tour 2020. Thanks Martin and Hamburg Distilling Company for showing us your harbor- and letting us taste the treasure from your gin chest.

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