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Radebeuler Destille

GinCanDo on Summer Tour 2020

Our ongoing Summer Tour 2020 has brought us from North to South and to East from West, but one thing is sure -gin will always be the best. In a backyard in a single house district in Radebeul just outside Dresden -we were surprised to find our next distillery stop. In ‘shed’ behind the family’s house Henrik had used his engineering skills to establish a very cool and stylish distillery that beside the gin also is manufacturing whiskey and schnaps.

The market of the four own branded gins is mainly the local area around Dresden, so if you’re passing this area in the Eastern part of Germany, then you definitely should keep an eye out for these quality gins from Radebeuler Destille. In their assortment you can find; a well-balanced classic dry gin with a fruity touch, a barrel-aged version of the dry gin, a refined dry gin version including ‘bathtub principle’ for transferring the ‘real taste’ of the botanicals into the gin and last but not least a very delicious sloe gin. Due to some technical adjustments of the distillation equipment then Henrik assured us that ‘all hangovers’ are removed from the gins, a statement we definitely as volunteers will check next time the gins from Radebeuler Destille is served in our glasses without having our ‘tour bus’ parked outside the distillery.

Thanks Henrik and rest of the Radebeuler Destille team for enthusiastic sharing your distillery project and especially the gins with us. We will definitely follow you journey from Denmark, and hopefully our patches will cross some other time, so we will get the possibility to verify your ‘hangover statement’.

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