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Garage 22

GinCanDo on Summer Tour 2020

In Prague we’ve found the perfect way to crown our Summer Tour– in a city where everything else is about beers, we’ve met the guys behind the distillery Garage22. The distillery is located in a very trendy and creative area of the city. Garage22 is housed in an old disused factory area that exudes coolness – and just waiting to be overran by the citizen of Prague which slowly but surely also seems to be affected by ongoing the gin fever.

Actually, Garage22’s gin mission started with a tonic adventure. And what do you do if you can’t find a gin on the market that can unleash the full potential of the perfect tonic that you have created – then you of cause decide to develop the perfect gin for the tonic by yourself. Nearly, two years later the pot still was bought and installed and not at least all the permissions from the authorities was obtained.

Last week the first two batches were distilled and bottled. Therefore, we actually had the pleasure to taste the results of the ‘virgin distillation’ of both GIN22 dry gin and GIN22 Pink Gin. What a debut – two GINs that definitely have unleashed the potential of their tonic but definitely also unleashed the potential of their gin mission.

The gin is definitely HANDMADE and distilled in small batches – and what else would be more obvious to use as botanical in a gin from Prague than hops. The hops adds an unique local characteristic that gives the gin a distinctive and delicious taste which should facilitate the transition from beer to gin for the locals and all other beer lovers around the world.

Thanks Garage 22 for rushing home from your business trip to show us your astonishingly cool distillery, that hopefully soon will expand your sales area of your delicious gin from the distillery’s neighborhood to rest of the Czech republic – and hopefully one day we also can find your gins in our local gin store in Denmark as well. Cheers, and good luck guys.

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