Distillery Friends of the House Gin

White Lemon mutated Creature

Recently, Harahorn White Lemon Gin was launched for celebrating the fifth anniversary of the first Harahorn gin. Because of the anniversary the master distiller has been in the laboratory to create the perfect citrus mutated version of the original Harahorn creature, that has learn us gin-lovers to adore this amazing gin from ‘Det Norske Brenneri’.

Elegant ginetic engineering -by adding an interesting warm and temperamental contrast from all kind citrus fruits – has beautifully tamed the wild and outstanding power from the original Harahorn gin. The citrus notes add a wonderful disparity to the characteristic Norwegian wildness from the use of local herbs and berries, that has been maintained in the anniversary recipe in respect to the jubilee.

The neat tasting clearly give us the inspiration source to the name of the gin – full power on the citrus notes but still with a superb balance to the juniper and the fresh note from the mint. We have chosen to use an Elderflower tonic in the GT, since SWE TNC  beside the elderflower both adding extra citrus and juniper to this Nordic GT then it actually matching the White Lemon gin quite perfect for at lovely summer GT on the veranda.

In this case, the taste of the gin needs no translate – simply cheerfulness that our tongue can’t express. Thanks Det Norske Brenneri and Fabian for the introduction to the newest member of your Harahorn family, it was a pleasure meeting you all.