Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Airless Milling

Could you imagine, that an exceptional gin experience could be waiting for you behind a windblown hedge to an old windmill without blades. We admit, it sounds peculiar. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye out for the remains of an old and decommissioned windmill if you ever passing Tranum in northern part of Jutland in Denmark, since in exactly these charming surroundings behind a windblown hedge to an old windmill without blades, that you can find our new gin acquaintance from the newly finalized summer tour; Tranum Mølle Destilleri.

On the tip of one of the non-existent blades, we have found this spicy gin from Tranum Mølle Destilleri , that is the diametrically opposite than a small and anonymous village from the northern part of Jutland. The gin is voluminous and attention-demanding, but if you’re in the mood for spiciness – then you should spice up you glass with this gin and it will please every little spicy-demanding receptor of your senses. With the use of spices like cardamom, allspice, fennel, anise and Citrus Aurantium, then the gin actually have some wonderful references to another time of the year – but if you can’t wait for Christmas, then the origin of the spices from the eastern Mediterranean region also makes it suitable for an extremely hot summer day in the garden while dreaming about the days where it carefree was possible to travel around the world.

In today’s cocktail, we have tried united elements from different parts of the world that we love to explore in an attempt to alleviate our traveling hunger. The Spicy gin is sweetened with syrups of respectively elderflowers and passion fruit/vanilla – and added a delicious freeness from fresh lime juice to slake the thirst in the subtopic climate that has reach Denmark these days. Finally, the summer cocktail is topped up with a chilled Soda Water from Swedish tonic, and garnish with a date fruit.

Thanks Tranum Mølle Destilleri for showing us the ginning blades of your mill, that definitely will keep the story of Tranum Mølle alive. Good winds.