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Paradise Island Gin

Behind a noble and discrete  outer surface, we’ve found a real gintleman that by elegance can charm the best out of any tonics.

‘A handcrafted small batch gin that takes inspiration from a lush Italian garden ……’ reading the first part of West Corks Distillers description of their gin, then the first question popping up – what the heck has a Irish gin to do with a lush Italian garden?

However, when taken the first sip, then you’re actually sitting in the lush Italian garden – not in Tuscany but in a beautiful ‘Italian garden’ located in the sheltered harbour of Glengarriff in Bantry Bay in the Southern part of Ireland. Garnish Island gin is a true provincial gin delicately prepared using botanicals foraged from the island. The areas meso-thermal microclimate coupled to Garnish Island’s unique pine shelter belt allows for the unique presence of subtropical botanical species.

The recipe includes locally botanicals some of which include hibiscus, iris, rose, rosemary and thyme , so you’ll definitely find your own lush Italian garden in this gin – but this deliciously elegant gin captures all the unique and exotic character of this paradise island, even the pine notes from the  shelter has found its way to the bottle.

Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic Water’s delicate flavour profile enhances and amplifies the beautiful botanicals of the Garnish Island, letting the gin be the real hero of the GT.

Gins must be the keys for Paradise, thanks Julian and Østjyskvinforsyning for unchaining the gate to West Cork Distillers .

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