Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Piercing Blue Eyes

Using an amazing exterior design and an effective brand strategy Knut Hansen Dry Gin has giving the captain of this ship an enviable, and very well-deserved position on the fast growing gin-ocean. No doubt, that the striking blue eyes in the the face of the ‘legendary’ Knut Hansen printed on a gorgeous stoneware bottle is cool and very trendy. But what about the interior? Has the piercing eyes just hypnotized us to love the brand? Can the gin inside the bottle complete the experience with a wonderful cruise on a luxurious yard in the exclusive part of the gin-world – or is Knut Hansen just and overpaid sailor on a shabby ferry with a broken engine and a big holes underneath the pimping sheathing?

This ship is definitely not going to sink. Knut Hansen Dry gin is a modern, exclusive and tasty gin, created by two innovative guys from Hamburg, that have been quitting their well-paid jobs to give this gin-tribute to their historic hometown. Even thought, it’s hard to build a supertanker, then the smile on their faces while talking about their project – tells us that has been worth every invested cent and not at least every minute of the many late nights on the distillery for securing the delivery of gins to all their fans around the world.

For achieving the best taste and extract from the 14 carefully selected botanicals, notably apple, basil and juniper – then the gin is gently distilled 4 times before the bottling. When mixed with tonic the gin is still fresh and herbaceous with all of the flavors remaining strong as a nice supplement to the taste additions from the tonic.

No ‘bar-captains’ can do very wrong if they places their ships alongside your yard. Ahoy Captain and the crew of Knut Hansen Dry Gin, thanks for cruising us around showing us your private marina.