Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Garage Gin

In the middle of Europe-in the coolest decommissioned industrial garage we’ve found a new distillery from where this beautiful pink gin gin constantly is flowing. The heart of the distillery is a pot still from the legendary producer Arnold Holstein, whose copper transfer all the delicate aromatic components from the used botanicals into this marvelous gin.

Since this original factory premises of Garage22 is located in a courtyard in Prague, then the heart inside the gin is obviously hops. Hops is the signature botanical used to give a local twist to the classic dry gin from the distillery, which after the distillation has been further processed by an infusion of rose petals and cranberries. Beside the feminine pink color, then the infusion gives Gin22 Pink Gin an unique freshness and an compulsive fruity-floral taste.

The people behind the distillery has positioned Garage22 on the European gin map with a distinctive product that still have a clear reference to the by far most consumed ‘vegetable’ in Prague. We had the pleasure to visit the distillery on our Summer Tour 2020 and not at least hear the story of the past and the dreams for the future. A thirsty man, dream of superior gin – and please don’t wake me up from my dream of Gin22 Pink gin.
Thanks Garage22 for sharing your gins and dreams.

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