Friends of the House Gin


Seduce my mouth with your gin, mix my GT and I’m yours forever.
All that pink simply calls for some romantic lyric so allow yourself to be seduced by this ÉTÉ ROSÉ GIN. The bottle says it all – dream yourself to the south of France in Provence and enjoy this fantastic handmade gin.

Our taste is very simple, only the best will do- why we unquestionably having a great smile on our faces when drinking this pink giant of a rosé gin. The gin has a delicious floral and fruity lightness, and it will solicit to be worship in a pink feminine serve with Franklin’s rhubarb tonic water.
The double pink serving is garnished with some cranberries while the ice is shining bright like a diamond. The cranberries is added to emphasize this note from the gin. Beside the cranberries, then the beautiful color and delicious summerish flavor are made by the use of pomegranate and strawberry. If you masculinity can handle all that pink, then ÉTÉ ROSÉ GIN actually working perfect in a more an anonymous version the Provence way – with a splash of Mediterranean tonic and garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

Hell is gone and heaven is definitely here, with all that pink there’s nothing left for us to fear. So now it’s time for mixing this wonderful gin, and come over here.
Cheers, and thanks for all that romantic gin feeling.

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