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Gin Hiking

We’ve collected this flowering ‘Lyng’ on the top of the Norwegian mountains. However, after the close of our collecting session – the basket wasn’t just full of the blooming heather, but we were carrying off armfuls of 32 other berries, herbs and other interesting botanicals from Norwegian forests and mountains.
Plants from these temperate areas are typically growing slowly and have a very pungent odor and taste. Perfectly, the master distiller has though the distillation process achieved to transfer this intensity and roughness into the gin, but still kept the tenderness and sweetness intact from the berries.

This newly released gin is a tribute to the hiking terrain around the origin of the collected botanicals. The gin is merging an amazing mix of both roughness and tenderness from the botanicals picked in the wild and dramatic, but at the same time breathtaking nature of Norway.
In the tasting trails of the gin, you among others find heather, elderflower, horseshoe, birch leaves, rose root, fireweed, mountain mint, blueberries, so every time you take a walk you have the possibility to take another trail to discover new notes that you haven’t noticed before -but it doesn’t matter which trail you take, the result is every time a breathtaking scenic view.
If you haven’t visited the Norwegian mountains yet, then our warmest recommendation to do, but at the same time you should reserve MUCH time to investigate this very interesting gin country as well. A perfect place to start is definitely this ‘Lyng Norwegian Botanical Gin’ from Det Norske Brenneri, which also is the distillery behind the lovely creatures from Harahorn gin.

We’re lucky to have a a very skilled tour guide on this mountain hiking, thanks Fabian and rest of the team from the distillery for showing us the magnificent nature of your backyard. We just love this one!

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