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Gin De Provence

In the beautiful surrounding near Verdon National Park in the Southern part of France, we’re today cheering that a ‘minor’ cycling race in France just has ended a fantastic stage 17. Even though, the color of the bottle actually better matching the leader jersey of another race just across the border, then ‘Cantarelle’ is in fact a serious contender as the leader of the general classification of the spectacularly race; ‘Gin De Provence’.

Imaging to race through this area with singular lime-trees standing in the gardens along the dusty field road, while passing to most picturesque wine fields of the Provence grapes for a finish in a beautiful courtyard – that the day of your arrival is filled up grapefruit, coriander and fragrant orange peel. Then you for sure know that you’re arrived to Domaine de Cantarelle, which is the birthplace of this subtle and tasty gin, with a feminine touch in an avant-garde, elegant and glamorous style.

Cantarelle Gin De Provence is a light and perfectly balanced gin with a lovely grape texture and generous juniper profile. When served neat over ice, the gin has a nice opening followed by an aromatic determination of rare complexity. The gin just waiting for the sun to shine, then it’s definitely ready to be served in a GT on the porch.

Scape Spirits congratulation with the stage win, as usual a pleasure to be in your peloton, hopefully we we can fulfill our humble job as a domestique or even better ‘gin carrier’, so you guys can have much more victories in the future. Thanks.