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Glory of Silence

The finest pleasure doesn´t need words! In the tranquil Eppingen, we’ve found this ‘Glory of Silence’. The origin of Black Gin Silence is locate very close to one of the most interesting epicenters of the gin world; Black Forest – and what’s more appropriate to haul out of these mountains than gin, silence and darkness for combining it into this Black Gin Silence.

The color of the gin is in fact a very beautiful and extreme dark purple, which in different recipes, light or ice will create a unique shimmering effect in your drinks. These black, purple and bluish gradients are great for the most extraordinary cocktails on your private drink card, and even a classic GT is raised to a new optical level using this interesting gin.

Every botanical used is of the highest quality and is incorporated in a handcrafted manufacturing step to its extreme dark expression. Despite the blackness, then the roots of the gin is clearly grounded in the light and classic gin traditions with a clear juniper basis underneath the modern and fruity expression from elderflower and blackberry as well as other “silent” botanicals. We’ve chosen to enjoy the silent by adding herbaceous notes and some tartness from Double Dutch’s Pomegranate & Basil tonic.

Today, we’ll just sit an enjoying silent of Marego Genuss, and watch all the drinks start shimming around us – thanks for sharing your ‘Glory of Silence’.

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