Distillery Friends of the House Gin Tonic

Trendy Vision

A gin with dreams needs a tonic with vision.
The tonic’s perspective, expression, support will change the gins reality. If the tonic doesn’t challenge the gin, then the tonic is no good for the gin. An ordinary gin will not have anything to offer to the great tonic in your cocktail. However, a good tonic will push the gin to be even better, and lift your GT to the next level. So with other words; Behind every great gin is not a tonic. A great tonic will always be beside the gin, and preferable even a step in front.

Tonic Water Ambition, Tonic Water Signature and Tonic Water Trend are exactly these kind of tonic waters. The three different variations are simply wonderful drunken pure, however in combination with your favorite gin you will definitely experience something NEW and delightful. Each variant keeps its own character and individual nuance and all notes from your favorite gin will be kept and supported.

Our first GT test containing the Tonic Water Trend. Due to the lovely fragrance of distilled raspberries and strawberries and the bitterness of the also distilled Cinchona bark, Trend Tonic Water gives a modern gin a remarkable finish. The Norwegian herbs and berries from the mountains in the classic Harahorn gin, go well with the raspberries and strawberries from this tonic. The result is a wonderful summerish GT, the modern way. We’ll definitely keep this trend in remembrance.

Nevertheless, the capability of opening new possibilities for wonderful compositions with all kinds of gins is astonishingly still present with the last two tonic variants in the bar cabinet, so thanks Mistelhain for getting this tonic party started. Looking forward to next Mistelhain GT tasting.

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